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Arrive… & Drive!

Your chance to experience the real thrill of racing.

Arrive and drive… it’s just smart.

Our MX5 Arrive and Drive is by far the smartest way to get behind the wheel of a race car, and race!

If you’ve wanted to go racing but didn’t want the hassle of owning and looking after a race car, then our Arrive and Drive Race Package is exactly what you’re looking for.

We include everything you’ll need to be safe and have fun racing, in a “full-on” race day in the company of other drivers and our Support Staff.  You can literally arrive on race day and be fully immersed in the race day. And at the end of the day, you can drive home, while we take care of everything else, until your next race.

Our Arrive and Drive package is as immersive in Racing as you want it to be – from just starting out to full-on competitive racing.  


What our Arrive and Drive Package offers you..

MX5 Racing Car

A properly prepared and race configured MX5 Race Car that meets the BRSCC MX5 Championship specification and all safety aspects for you when you’re out on the track – ready for you to get behind the wheel. 

Affordable price with generous amount of track time and fun!

We’ve made our pricing simple and strightforward; you pay the entry fee, fuel and optional insurance; we’ll pick up everything else.

An Exhilarating Experience

Every one of our racing drivers have found racing in the MX5 Championship to be a real fun and exhilerating experience and the convenience of the Arrive and Drive makes it perfect. 

RaceLogic Tracking Equipment

All our cars are fitted with RaceLogic data loggers; at the end of your race day, we can analyse your performance with you – and show you areas where you can make improvements and how to do that.


We supply tea and coffee with light snacks available throughout the race weekend. 

Behind the Scenes..

So behind the scenes, we deal with all of the mundane work related to racing – including trannsporting the cars to the tracks, maintaining and repairing the cars in the workshop and organising the race day hospitality.

No experience necessary..

We can provice you with full time coaching to get you from novice to pro race driver. Our coaching comes from experienced racing drivers and proveide the level you need on a one to one basis.

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Track Support

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Track Day Hire


Recent feedback from our newest driver..

“I found Paul and the team at NHA to be extremely friendly and helpful. The whole team is a refreshing change to others in that whilst there is always a competitive element the focus is on the fun and enjoyment of the driver.

All of the cars are fitted with Race Logic boxes and I found sitting down with Paul and going through the data and getting his feedback to be invaluable in helping me to improve as a driver.

The thing about the race logics is very true. There’s many arrive-and-drives that have them and for you to be able to tell me at the end of the day where I was quick and how to improve is proper invaluable.”

Andrew Dean 2020

Our Arrive and Drive Package for budding race drivers..

 Are you ready for a challenge.. call us today.